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Cok-N (Energy and Sensory Enhancer)

Cok-N enhances your energy level in a way that is similar to that of cocaine, but it is completely legal and not addictive.
Batch Expiry Date: May 2024

Cok-N 25 pills

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COK-N, is magical mixed with alcohol, or taken alone. 1-2 capsules of COK-N will deliver you to a whole new universe where boundaries don't exist. Enjoy absolute Nirvana with Cok-N all natural herbal party pills.

The combination of Guarana, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, L-Tyrosine, Passion Flower, Caffeine, L-Arginine, Green Tea, and Niacin is blended to perfection to have you dancing, smiling and giggling the night away.

Very Affordable
A Very Unique High
Can be taken with alcohol
Increases Your Energy
100% Legal
High Like Cocaine
Not addictive