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XTZ (Energy Booster)

XTZ pills contain a natural energy enhancer that guarantees your party will always last all night.
Batch Expiry Date: July 2023

XTZ 25 pills

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The typical dose is 1-2 pills and that'll give you a buzz that will last about 6 hours. The combined potent effects of black pepper extract, caffeine, free form amino acids, and B vitamins energizes you all night long with No Side Effects.

Energy Boost
Ecstasy Substitute
Aids Sexual Performance
Free of BZP
Legal Buzz
No Bad Side Effects
Enjoy a Higher Level
Safe with Alcohol

XTZ is a natural herbal Ecstasy substitute, that won't get you in trouble (it's legal), and is guaranteed to add extra boost to your party, and can be safely taken with alcohol.